About Stethoscope Tags and Features

How it started

I have lost my stethoscope 3 times when I was in my final year of med school and it was pretty embarrassing. Like many of my friends, I too believed that someone will call my number left on my laser engraved stethoscope. Except, it didn't happen.

It meant that I had to scrunch up whatever savings I had to buy another emergency stethoscope. Going to ward rounds and saying I don’t have a stethoscope when asked to auscultate doesn’t look great as you know.

Other times, I have spent ages before leaving the house searching for it and finding it in various places.

That is when I realised that perhaps I needed to have a stethoscope tag that has my name in large font (so no one can miss it) and that it needed some sort of bluetooth capability. That led to the creation of the tag and StethoscopeTags.com




Chipolo or AirTag compatible to suit your needs

Covering both android or IOS.

chipolo png
airtag- 400 by 400

Neodymium magnets (optional)

By using neodymium magnets, the stethoscope tag can be simply clicked together and held firmly together. They're small and light weight but definitely strong enough. To ensure that it doesn't fall off, this is further secured with screws as an option


2 piece design





ABS heat resistant plastic

Prior to releasing the tag, I used PLA plastic which is great but I quickly realised that it doesn't withstand the temperature in the car. This lead to the trial of an ABS tag where after 6 months of 8hrs + of 70-80 °C (160-170°F) days in the car (non-direct sunlight) it has no signs of warping. Still works as it did on day 1.

stethoscope tag in sun

Easy bluetooth tag installation and easy removal

Simple push-in for a snug fit and at the same time, with the help of a gap and provided Kapton high-resistant tape onto the Bluetooth tag, that makes for simple easy removal.

Each Tag is tested for a snug fit prior to releasing into the wild.





Custom Box -To keep or Toss

The custom box is made out of PLA. It is made out of corn and therefore biodegradable -should you decide to throw it away.

Under the sun or intense temperature >55-60°C, it can start to warp.

However, if kept at room temperature, it should not degrade.

whats in the box for chipolo/AirTag Stethoscope Name Tag